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Build Your Own SDR (Beta)

budgetary pricing at 100 units

Number of Channels

RF Tuning



Phase Noise



The SFDR calculated below is the worst-case wideband SFDR across the entire RF chain (at the ADC for Rx, or the output SMA for Tx), and includes all harmonics or spurious signals, even though they may lie outside the signal bandwidth, as is the case when using a digital NCO offset, and accounts for the maximum LO feedthrough at the downconvertor. The actual wideband ADC or DAC SFDR are counted separately and are generally >70dBc, depending on sample rate.

RX Sensitivity

There exists a thermodynamic relationship between Bandwidth and SFDR, and noise figure. Please specify temperature, application bandwidth, and desired noise figure. We will use those values to specify the 1dB tangential sensitivity (minimum detectible signal that is 1dB above the noise floor).
SNR = Application Bandwidth + NF/Phase Noise + RF losses.
Noise Figure and SNR calculations are evaluated at 20degC.

Using the above, we find the following:

RX Filtering

Operating and Storage Temperature Ranges

Number of Synchronized Units (Assuming Purchase of All Units)

Latency Optimizations


The following options require minimum order quantities and NREs; costs below only provide the incremental unit costs required to meet the specified certification level.

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