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Cyan Quick Specs

  • 1GHz and 3GHz instantaneous bandwidth options

  • 6.2kg, 3U Form Factor

  • 482.6mm x 402.0mm x 133.0mm

  • Multiple reference clock inputs & outputs

  • Operating frequency DC to 18GHz

  • 4x 40Gbps QSFP+

  • Intel Stratix 10 FPGA SoC

  • 10MHz, 10ppb, reference OCXO

  • Direct conversion quadrature transceiver

  • Includes web interface and UHD compatibility

  • Deterministic phase coherency and latency

  • Digital down/up conversion on FPGA

  • Over 16GHz RF bandwidth*

  • 16 bit, 1 GSPS DAC on each transmit chain** 

  • 16 bit, 1 GSPS ADC on each receive chain**

*when using all 16 radio chains at maximum bandwidth     **default options with ability to extend up to 3 GSPS

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