One flexible platform across ever changing protocols and products

Flexible, cost effective products that reduce system cost, size, and complexity

Our multi-functional SDR platforms are ideal for RF Test & Measurement systems. Incorporating a flexible, multi-transmit & multi-receive channel solution for use in testing equipment related to automatic testing, autonomous vehicles, 5G, and testing of military, aerospace and telecommunications systems, and more. These systems can be used for everything from simulation to full testing suites while extending capabilities to meet new requirements and reducing development time and therefore time to market.

Test & Measurement Block Diagram

SDRs provide a high level of configuration and flexibility, allowing the system to be patched, updated, or completely changed to address the latest protocols. This helps in meeting the throughput needs, integrating with other devices, timelines, and development costs associated with many test and measurement requirements.

Since applications are written entirely in software, they can easily be extended to support real time responses and testing. SDRs are useful during R&D when evaluating the performance and impact of different designs and configuration decisions, and quantifying its impact on observed device performance.

Our products can be customized for any system through:

  • Number of RF & DSP channels
  • Bandwidth & operating frequency
  • FPGA resources
  • Flexible Digital interface (Ethernet, USB, etc.)

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As a single-box solution, Per Vices SDRs can easily be integrated into new and existing systems. We work with you to provide scaled implementation and testing to follow your organizations needs and timeline. We offer: site and equipment planning, hardware development & deployment, expected performance calculations, monitoring and maintenance packages, custom RF or DSP options, and more.

Per Vices has experience designing and developing hardware, firmware, and software that offer:

  • High RF bandwidth
  • Transparent UI
  • Phase coherency
  • Custom feature development
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Direct access to FPGA for custom use
  • Integration with other devices
  • Flexible API
  • Custom hardware development available

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